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A Coruña City Council

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A Coruña is a city embraced by the sea. The Atlantic marks our character, our soul and - of course - our gastronomy. Flavours and aromas that echo the immensity of the ocean, but also the inland tradition of Galicia's most deeply-rooted crops.

A culinary celebration where tradition and innovation are present in savoury and sweet dishes alike, where the quality of the fresh ingredients and the excellence of the chefs truly shine, making A Coruña a prime showcase of the Atlantic diet and Galician cuisine.

Gastronomy that stands out for its use of seasonal, local, fresh and minimally processed food, as well as the abundance of products from the sea and the countryside, featuring mainly baked, stewed and grilled specialties.

A selection as delicious as it is unimaginable, awaiting you in an endless route of bars, taverns and restaurants full of gastronomic experiences that are positively mouth-watering.

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