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The English Way

A Coruña's harbour has been the historic point of arrival by sea for pilgrims from the north of Europe. The English Way is an extraordinary journey, with a route that begins here, in the embrace of the Atlantic, and travels southward, deeper into the province of A Coruña, until it reaches the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela.

The pilgrimage to Santiago dates back to the early 9th century when the tomb of Saint James the Apostle was discovered in what would later become the city of Santiago de Compostela. A few decades later, a steady flow of travellers from all over the European continent began to set out on a journey of faith.

A significant part of the Jacobean pilgrims made part of their journey by sea. Over the centuries, the port of A Coruña became a reference point for pilgrims to disembark. Given the nationality of the majority of its travellers, the route took on the name of the English Way.

One of the main promoters of this itinerary was the English pilgrim William Wey, one of the original fellows of the prestigious Eton College in Windsor. Wey described A Coruña in 1456 as a meeting point for ships arriving from "England, Wales, Ireland, Normandy, France, Brittany and other places". The city was, therefore, a maritime gateway for hundreds of pilgrims, with a cosmopolitan atmosphere and a large number of services available to travellers.

A Coruña for pilgrims

The Way to Santiago from A Coruña begins at the Church of Santiago, in the city's historic centre. If you arrive by boat, you will be guided by the light of the Tower of Hercules. It is the most visible and recognisable point in the city, especially when arriving by sea. After disembarking at the port of Parrote, the route stops at a series of incredible monuments. From Puerta de la Cruz, to the ruins of the Convent of San Francisco and the Plaza de María Pita, these stops are must-sees.

The first steps of the English Way pass through the isthmus of A Coruña, crossing Avenida de La Marina, under the watchful gaze of the Cantones and the whisper of the Méndez Núñez gardens. After passing the Plaza de Ourense, pilgrims must continue to Cuatro Caminos. The route, urban until this point, begins to transform into great panoramic views of the nature of A Coruña as pilgrims ascend along Avenida de Monelos towards Eirís.

In total, the English Way covers 6.8 kilometres through the city, ending at O Portazgo, Culleredo, with 68 kilometres remaining to Santiago de Compostela.

The rest of the journey to Santiago

Beyond A Coruña, the route gradually begins to leave the coast, but not before crossing the seaside promenade of O Burgo, in Culleredo. From there, the route continues to Alvedro and enters the village of Sigrás, in Cambre. This path, which goes over medieval bridges such as A Xira and passes by several Romanesque churches, winds between Carral, Abegondo and Ordes, ending in Bruma, in the village of Mesía.

This first stage, although it is 33 kilometres long, can be divided into different sections. There are accommodation points in Sergude (Carral), 20 kilometres from the start of the route, and in Bruma, where this first stage ends.

The next stage runs between Bruma and Sigüeiro, in the municipality of Oroso. Starting at the chapel in Bruma, where the remains of an old pilgrims' hospital are preserved, the route continues to Ordes, where there is no shortage of windmills and paths hidden among indigenous trees. When travellers reach Sigüeiro, they have added another 24 kilometres to the pilgrimage. There are just over 16 kilometres left until Santiago de Compostela.

From the shores of the Tambre River, the source of Sigüeiro's cultural and gastronomic wealth, the route enters the municipal limits of Santiago. Passing through the villages of Marantes and A Lameira, the landscape changes as it enters the urban party of the city. All the pilgrimage routes, with hundreds of pilgrims a day, converge in the spectacular Plaza del Obradoiro at the foot of the Cathedral of Santiago.

Stages of the English Way starting in A Coruña

LENGTH: 73.7 km






A Coruña - Bruma

(32.4 KM)

A Coruña - O Burgo

9.8 KM


O Burgo - Ponte da Xira

3.7 KM


Ponte da Xira - Sergude

6.5 KM


Sergude - Sarandós

3.2 KM


Sarandós - Bruma

9.2 KM


Bruma - Sigüeiro

(24.2 KM)

Bruma - A Calle

11.7 KM


A Calle - Sigüeiro

12.5 KM


Sigüeiro - Santiago

(16.1 KM)

Sigüeiro - A Barciela

0.7 KM


A Barciela - Santiago

15.4 KM


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