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With family

If you're planning a family trip... congratulations! A Coruña is the ideal destination for all members of the family to enjoy a perfect holiday. What awaits you in our city? Everything! Educational museums, parks and gardens, comfortable accommodation, menus to suit all budgets, beaches, sporting activities, myths and legends and endless adventures. 

A Coruña awaits you with countless ways to enjoy time together with the whole family. You won't be able to choose just one. Here are some recommendations where the kids are sure to have a great time... and the adults too! Why not?

What to do in Coruña with the family

The Tower of Hercules

Don't miss the opportunity to take your family to visit the oldest Roman lighthouse in the world, and the only one still operating today. The most daring of you can climb the lighthouse's 234 steps to admire the view. Another equally impressive option is to stroll around the surrounding area and the Sculpture Park. You will be fascinated by its legends, which include heroes and giants, such as Hercules and Geryon.

Science Museums

The House of Science, the Domus and Aquarium Finisterrae are a must, especially if you're travelling with children. The Science Museums of A Coruña are a sight to see and will create a lasting memory for the little ones.

Science and technology museums

Castles and museums

Undoubtedly one of the most popular museums for adventurous children. The San Antón Castle, today the city's archaeological museum, holds within its walls many stories of its time as a fortress, as well as collections of weapons and armour, artefacts from hillforts and the recreation of a Viking ship.

Picasso as a boy

Pablo Picasso lived in A Coruña from age 9 to 14. You can visit the Picasso House Museum, where he lived as a child and where he began his career as a painter and perfected his drawing skills.

Panoramic lift and Mount San Pedro

One of the best parks in A Coruña is at a height: Mount San Pedro. You can take a car up to the top, or ride in the spectacular sphere-shaped panoramic lift, a fun experience for the little ones... and the not so little ones.

Mount San Pedro


Yes, there are beaches here! Right in the city itself! If you visit us in summer, you've got to take a dip in the Atlantic. At other times of the year, the best thing to do is to enjoy the coastal atmosphere, a simple but excellent plan. The beaches are convenient and accessible, with everything you may need: wide and full of life like Orzán, Riazor, San Amaro and Oza; or smaller and more secluded like As Lapas and Matadero.

Nature and sports

The outdoors

More than 13 kilometres of seaside promenade go a long way. By bike or on foot. It's up to you, but walking along this promenade is the ideal way to get to know the city's Atlantic coast and discover life by the seaside. And if you want to enjoy nature in the city, there are countless parks and gardens only a few steps away.

Parks and gardens


Football lovers? Fantastic! In A Coruña we are definitely football fans. The Riazor stadium, home of Deportivo de La Coruña, is located next to the beach bearing the same name. But there is more to life than football, and the city stands out for its wide range of nautical activities. You can book family classes and enjoy a fun time together practising sports and leisure activities such as surfing, running, skateboarding, golf and more.

Nature and sports

Talaso Kids

Active pool with warm sea water, whirlpool chairs, jets, jacuzzi, whirlpool river, slide, children's entertainment and more. Termaria has plenty of surprises in store for children aged 3 to 12.

Talaso kids

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