A Coruña City Council

A Coruña City Council

Sustainable Coruña

We are delighted that you're coming to visit us, and we welcome you as one of our own as you spend your holidays in A Coruña. And because you'll want to come back again, and you'll be delighted to find the city just as beautiful as before, we encourage you to make your trip respectful of the environment. This way, we can all take care of the planet together, even when on holiday.

Here are some tips:

1. Think about how you're getting here: you can catch a flight. If so, you have the option of offsetting your carbon footprint here: https://www.ceroco2.org/calculadoras/.

How about taking the train? It's a magical way to travel, slow-paced, allowing you to enjoy the scenery and slow down. Getting here               

2. Getting around the city: you can get around on foot without a problem. That way you won't miss a thing. We also have a seaside promenade that is almost 14km long. And if you prefer cycling, that's another fantastic option, as there is a cycle lane that runs throughout the city. You won't pollute and you'll get fitter. And if you're feeling lazy, you can opt for public transport. It is best to leave your car parked. Getting around

3. Recycle: we know you already do this at home, so it won't be hard to keep up the habit during your holidays.

4.Don't leave any rubbish behind in the city or in nature: we have some incredible places to enjoy a picnic (on a bench in front of La Marina, at one of the tables in the Sculpture Park, ...) but please, leave nothing but your footprints on the ground. Nature and sports

5. Reduce the use of plastic: here, we're very fond of finger food - seafood, empanada, cheese... so you won't need plastic.

6. Buy local: if you have a choice, opt for local businesses. Their products are made with great love and care. Enjoy artisan crafts, design, respectful materials and lovely people who will welcome you in their shops with a smile. Fashion, design and more

7. Choose seasonal food: we know that one of your main motivations for visiting us is for the food, and what could beat enjoying foods that are in season? Our restaurants will already have the best options ready for you. Locally sourced produce

8. Take care of nature: you will want to bring back memories, but let your souvenirs be your sensations. Try to respect the native flora that makes us unique and the beaches that you visit. Nature is wonderful and fragile. Let's take care of it.

9. Soak up our culture: you will help us to preserve it, and while you're at it, we encourage you to learn some of our language: Galician.

For example, try bo día (hello/good morning), grazas (thank you), bico (kiss) or even ledicia (the state of happiness you experience during your holidays in A Coruña) and morriña (that bittersweet longing you'll feel when you leave and are missing us).

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