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Nautical activities

Surfers on the waves and in the fountains

If A Coruña is known for anything, it is for being a city that loves sport. Come rain or shine, cold or heat, going outside to exercise is part of A Coruña's DNA. And, of course, this strong character is also influenced by the sea.

Thus, throughout the year, the city offers a wide range of water sports and activities, and the city always keeps an eye on the sea. A classic is swimming, which you can do at any of our beaches, as all of them have lifeguard services, and even next to the port, in the Parrote area. But the possibilities do not end there.

One of the sports par excellence on the Galician coast is surfing, and in A Coruña it could not be less. In the heart of the city centre is the Orzán beach where it is common to see surfers in the water sharing waves in the bay of A Coruña. Another favouritespot for these athletes is the Portiño, at one end of our endless promenade.

The best locations don't end there. In the surroundings of the city, beaches such as Bastiagueiro, Razo, Sabón, Barrañán, Caión or Pantín are also obligatory stops, all of them less than an hour away from A Coruña. If you are not an expert on the board, but want to learn how to become one, different schools offer lessons. Base Surf Camp, La Vieja Escuela or Art Surf Camp are some of them.

Surfing is so popular in the city that not only will you see many surfers in the waves of A Coruña, but you will also see them on the promenade itself. Between the beaches of Matadero and the aforementioned Orzán there is a fountain that pays homage to the brave men and women who go into the sea in search of the perfect wave.

In addition, surfing also influences another of our passions: fashion. Herculine brands such as Vazva are inspired by this sport when launching their collections.

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