A Coruña City Council

A Coruña City Council

The Essentials

Tower of Hercules

A visit to A Coruña has one stop that's an absolute must. The Tower of Hercules, the oldest lighthouse in the world still operating today, has stood at Punta Herminia for more than 2,000 years. Amazing, isn't it?

The Ciudad Vieja (Old Town)

The history that has shaped the city still thrives in the area known as the Ciudad Vieja, where you can encounter the majesty of A Coruña's past.

The Ciudad Vieja

María Pita Square

The Plaza de María Pita, or María Pita Square, is presided over by a statue of the heroine of A Coruña for which it is named. María Pita Square was designed in the mid-nineteenth century, and on its north side is the Municipal Palace, an imposing modernist building begun by the architect Pedro Mariño in 1908, which you should not miss.

Avenida de la Marina

When the architect Juan de Ciórraga designed the façade of the Galerías de la Marina in the second half of the 19th century, he never imagined that his work would make such a mark on the city. A Coruña is home to the largest expanse of glass gallery windows in the world, and its charm was such that it even created a concept of its own: "The City of Glass".

Avenida de la Marina

Museums and Art Galleries

There are plenty to be enjoyed, and for all tastes, where you can learn, touch or taste. In addition to visiting our ancient lighthouse, the Tower of Hercules, you can experience A Coruña's fantastic museums and exhibition halls, capable of captivating your attention and arousing curiosity.

Art and culture

Seaside Promenade

More than 13 km of promenade for strolling, pedaling along the bike path, running or sunbathing on one of the beaches. All the beauty of the Atlantic in one of the longest promenades in Europe.


Mount San Pedro

There is a place in A Coruña that's a must-visit if we want to disconnect from the world and breathe in the scent of the Atlantic Ocean. A place where we can run, jump, eat, lie in the grass, take the best pictures, get the best views and bask in the sound of the sea. This is Mount San Pedro.

Mount San Pedro


Surely you already know or have been told about it - in A Coruña you can eat very, very well. Get ready for a feast of fresh Atlantic products, succulent meats, the best of Galician vegetable gardens and desserts that you will most definitely want to try.



A Coruña is a creative and trendy city, the fashion capital of Galicia, the birthplace of the apparel giant Inditex and home to many designers, creatives and artisans. It' s a city with its own style, where you will find everything from charming little boutiques to artisan shops, gourmet products and large shopping centres.

Fashion, design and more

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