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Best Photo Spots in A Coruña

Nowadays there isn't a single soul that can travel without a camera in their suitcase. Whether it is the SLR, mirrorless, analog or even the smartphone, any lens is good to make some memories through photography.

Besides, in A Coruña any corner is really photogenic. The sunshine looks great in this city, where buildings speak for themselves and natural corners shine on camera. But in order to make things easier for you, here there are the best spots in the city for a photo shoot and those which are a must for your Instagram profile:

Atlantic Window + O Portiño

We start very close to the sea, in the Atlantic Window, a particular monument that you will find at one end of the 13 kilometres of the A Coruña promenade. Built in granite and imitating the shape of an Ara Solis, this sculpture will be the perfect frame for a unique photo of the Atlantic horizon.

This is also a strategic place to enjoy a sunset that will leave you speachless. Although if what you prefer is to enjoy the golden hour next to a Estrella Galicia, we recommend that you follow this same path towards O Portiño. The bar there is one of the best-kept secrets of locals and another place that can not be missed on your list of places to photograph in A Coruña.

The balcony of the Jardín de San Carlos

If you are looking for spectacular views over the port of A Coruña, the place to go is the balcony of the Jardín de San Carlos. This small green space is a haven of peace and a place with a lot of charm, in which the centenary elms are protagonists.

After strolling through its grove and being astonished with the tomb of Sir John Moore, we recommend you to go to the balcony located at one end. From there you will have the perfect frame to photograph the Castle of San Antón, see practically the entire port of A Coruña and even capture the arrival of boats and transatlantics.

Puerta de Aires

We continue with a classic of A Coruña, in which any snapshot dares to compete with Notting Hill or the island of Burano. We talk about the stairs of Puerta de Aires, a narrow street that leads us into the Ciudad Vieja from one of the sides of María Pita square.

The magic of this frame is hidden in the combination of the colourful buildings on both sides of the staircase and part of the building that houses the Town Hall of A Coruña, Modernist style from the beginning of the 20th century. Standing at the top of the stairs you will get a very symmetrical frame that will look like it was taken from a film by Wes Anderson.

Scientific museums

Science and photography in one place? In A Coruña you don't have one, but three incredible scientific museums in which to take unique snapshots that can must be in your Instagram profile.

A must is undoubtedly the Nautilus Room of the Aquarium Finisterrae. This huge aquarium is home to hundreds of fish, including sharks, and is a true experience that will trespass your camera screen. Another must-see is the Domus, an interactive museum dedicated to the human being and located in a building with unique architecture, by prestigious architect Arata Isozaki. Its stairs that practically fall on the bay of Coruña are the ideal place for a photo shoot before a visit to the museum. Finally, the palace that is the headquarters of the House of Sciences, on top of the Santa Margarita park, is also an ideal place to play with your camera and its different perspectives.

Tower of Hercules 

In this list of the best photo spots in A Coruña the symbol of the city must be included. It is the Tower of Hercules, a lighthouse that has been captivating locals and visitors for centuries and it is easy to understand why. From dawn to dusk, the Tower of Hercules shines with its own light.

When the sun's rays fall on it, it returns some reflections that make its stone acquire golden hues. Perhaps that's why the genius Pablo Picasso referred to it as the 'Tower of Candy'. And at night, the lighthouse does not disappoint. Its light illuminates A Coruña intermittently and its base is illuminated with spotlights that, in the middle of the night, make it look like this monument floats in the air. In addition, its 47 hectares of park, a Natural Area of Local Interest, are the perfect place for nature photography enthusiasts. 

Mount San Pedro

But sometimes the best shot of the Tower of Hercules is in the other corner of A Coruña. The Mount San Pedro is without a doubt the best viewpoint over the city. From here you will have a panoramic view of the coast from Arteixo and you will see all the bay that bathes part of the A Coruña peninsula.

Its labyrinth of English style, the cannons installed in 1933, or the Michelin Star restaurant are other locations that you can't stop photographing on your visit to Mount San Pedro. 

The Parrote and the Marina

We finish this walk through the most photogenic places of A Coruña in another of the icons of the city. The area of the Parrote and the Marina, next to the harbour, has a thousand angles in which to bring out your creativity with the camera. Here you can photograph the cruises that usually arrive in A Coruña, as well as the sailboats and fishing boats that are moored in the port.

Moreover, the white glass galleries are the perfect background for your A Coruña photoshoot. Complete the shot with ice cream from the famous Marina ice cream parlors or enjoy a coffee or a beer on the lively terraces under the galleries.

After all these recommendations, you will have a complete list of places to visit and photograph in A Coruña, but the best advice we can give you is to stroll and get lost in the streets of A Coruña. And when you publish your photos on social media, don't forget to tag us and share them with the hashtag #VisitCoruna and #ACorunaisaMUST

What Sir Francis Drake missed in the Ciudad Vieja

If the English explorer came back from the dead he would lose his mind choosing a place to eat, where to buy or what to do in the Ciudad Vieja (Old Town) of A Coruña, more alive than ever 433 years after that historic victory of the heroine María Pita.

The Ciudad Vieja doesn't lose its youth. It is constantly rejuvenated. Honoring its history: here the heroine of A Coruña, María Pita, made the army of Drake leave on the year 1589. On its stone pavers there was a Jewish quarter that still retains the names of its trades and one can walk along Herrerías street. Here is buried Sir John Moore. Here lived the poet Rosalía de Castro, the most universal Galician, and the writer Emilia Pardo Bazán, here palpitates the university and life, under and on every stone. 

It is difficult to find a neighborhood that manages to keep so much life, so much cultural wealth and so much history in such a little space. And the Ciudad Vieja, cradle of the most important events of A Coruña, is still a magical place that rejuvenates with the years and is in full explosion of gastronomy, crafts and fun. 

With the City Hall on the left, this tour of the Ciudad Vieja starts at one of the city's trendy spots: Omakase, the hidden Japanese who has among its clientele Marta Ortega, president of Inditex. This place is a reflection of what is happening in A Coruña, a city full of flavors, in which between a few meters, one can enjoy the best sushi in a bar reminiscent of those of Tokyo or taste giant meatballs in A Roda, on Capitán Troncoso Street. This street is one of the liveliest to enjoy the hospitality of A Coruña, from the cockles of the Malpica to the brunchs on weekends in La Teresa

Here have been installed for a few months two of the engines of the Ciudad Vieja: Tatiana Riego and Amanda de Diego, mother and daughter, creators of Taller de Amanda, one of the stores with more personality of the city. They are part of the creative minds that have chosen the Ciudad Vieja for their headquarters. The two work together creating bags, candles with Atlantic aroma and a unique ceramic. They are also specialists in gift baskets and organize workshops that lead to the terrace of their shop on Capitán Troncoso Street. It is easy to find them animating the ceramics classes while enjoying a Galician wine at sunset. 

Very close to the Taller de Amanda is one of the most instagrameables spots of A Coruña (and the photo you must definitely take): the colorful houses and the view of the municipal palace from the top of the stairs of Puerta de Aires. But the spot that robs the heart of any visitor or neighbour of the city is the beautiful square of Azcárraga: sheltered by centenary trees, you must come here if you want to live the the vermouth session with a lot of charm on weekends. 

Then you can stop for lunch in A Espiga, the new restaurant on Santiago Street. With exposed stone walls, a symbol of Galician architecture, and a large kitchen open to the public, it is one of the best places to pay homage to local products. 

Anyone from A Coruña has in their rotation list three bars of the Ciudad Vieja: the café La Dársena, with the best views of the glass galleries of La Marina; the El Sauce, with its famous tortilla, and the Momos, in front of the Dominicans, one of the most typical terraces of A Coruña. 

All these places coexist with local and smal businesses and brand new ones that give a very cosmopolitan atmosphere to this area.

This is the case of Arobe Cerámica (2 San Francisco Street), a workshop with ceramics classes by the artisan Alejandro Roig, who revolutionized this craft. Their lessons have a waiting list of more than a year. Almost next to it is one of the coolest spaces in the Ciudad Vieja: Troppo, an Italian snack bar with vinyl shop. The best way to discover it is to get carried away by the cobbled streets, stop to contemplate the beauty of the church of the Collegiate Church; see how a group of young people learn to crochet in El taller de mi vida (calle Herrerías, 12); buy a bouquet of flowers at La Florería (Calle Puerta de Aires, 12), the most Parisian florist in A Coruña; or read a book, fresh out of the Berbiriana bookshop (Calle Santiago, 7), in one of the banks that inhabit its cobbled streets; rent a bike in Ok zona eBike (Paseo de la Dársena, 15) or have a massage overlooking the sea in Öa (paseo de la Dársena, 4). Even Maria Pita couldn't have imagined a better future for her old city.

10 Best Things To Do In A Coruña With Kids

A Coruña is a comfortable and welcoming city. In its streets everything is close, it is easy to move around and the leisure and cultural offer is always updated. That's why this is an ideal destination for your next family getaway

From unique experiences in museums, to sports events or other cultural activities, in A Coruña there are options for young and old. Here are our recommendations of the 10 best plans to do in A Coruña with children:

Spend a day between waves and sand

If you visit during the warmer months, a perfect plan is a family day at the beach. Have fun playing with the waves or the beach bats or building sand castles on the shore. In A Coruña you have many beaches along the entire peninsula to choose from, but we recommend two of them which are more family-friendly: the beach of Riazor, in the heart of the city, and the beach of Areal or Lapas, right next to the Tower of Hercules.

Visit the Aquarium and live an adventure with seals 

One of the most beloved museums in A Coruña is the Aquarium Finisterrae. This is a must see on any visit to our city and the families from A Coruña come to this museum on a regular basis. 

In the Aquarium, in addition to visiting its many exhibition rooms, you will be able to see very closely how seals that live in the outdoor pools are fed. To participate in this workshop of scientific dissemination for children over 7 years, which is held until June, it is necessary to book the tickets in advance.

Discover the city by cycle lane

A Coruña is also a city to discover in family in a sustainable and healthy way. Here there are more than 45 kilometers of cycle lane that pass through the main tourist attractions of the city, such as the Obelisk, the Castle of San Antón or the Tower of Hercules, in addition to the promenade, and that also connect with the neighborhoods.

Besides, you don't need to travel with your bike. In the city you will find multiple bike rental options.

Take a walk in the Cabaliños dos Xardíns

In addition to cycling, there is another way to discover one of the city's most iconic places on wheels. This is the Cabaliños dos Xardíns that you will find in the central Méndez Núñez Gardens. A classic of the childhood of anyone from A Coruña, these colorful horses work on pedals and run through the stretch of gardens between the La Terraza building and the Palco de la Música during holiday periods, bank holidays and weekends.

Go to the Naves del Metrosidero

Very close to the Ciudad Vieja is one of the trendy places among the youth of A Coruña. This is the Naves del Metrosidero, an area that is already a meeting point for young people from 12 years with facilities that host workshops, shows and even a skate park and a climbing area.

Fly kites in the Tower of Hercules or Mount Saint Peter

A Coruña is a city where there are frequent days of strong winds. But far from being an inconvenience, this is the perfect opportunity to do one of the favorite activities of Coruña families: flying kites.

The best places to enjoy this family activity are the park next to the CIAV of the Tower of Hercules, the oldest lighthouse in the world still in operation, or the Mount San Pedro, on the other side of the bay and that hides another great plan for families. 

Try to get out of the labyrinth of Mount Saint Peter

In the same park of Mount San Pedro you will have spectacular views over A Coruña. You can also taste the A Coruña cuisine in a Michelin Star restaurant, stroll through its more than 90,000 square meters of nature or see the Vickers canyons up close.

But the most fun plan is probably none of these. Mount San Pedro also has a beautiful English-style labyrinth. You dare try to get out of it?

Go to a Dépor or Liceo game

If you are a sporty family, in your travel plans to A Coruña you must have tickets for a sporting event. Throughout the year the city hosts different competitions, from regular ones to tournaments and championships of regional, national or even international level.

Among the most classic is to go to see a football match of the Dépor and be one more among the white and blues, in the historic stadium of Riazor in the case of the men's team, or in Abegondo, with the female. Another good plan is to attend a meeting of the Liceo, one of the best hockey teams in Spain in men's category, or the Hockey Club Coruña Feminine, which competes in the OK Liga. 

Have fun in the park of Bens or Eirís

Another of the natural spaces preferred by the children of A Coruña is the Bens Park. With more than 60 hectares, here you have 13 kilometers of trails to travel, a great playground with games adapted to children with disabilities and a leisure area with tables and chairs, ideal for a picnic. 

The Eirís playground is one of the most complete in the city. Here is a double zip line and slides to slide down the natural slope of the park itself. In addition, very close you have one of the many skate courts in the city. 

Marineda City for children

Finally, we end this list of family plans from Marineda City. This shopping center, one of the largest in Spain, has much more than shops and dining spaces.

Its cinemas Cinesa, the karts of the Karting Marineda, its bowling alley, its recreational areas or the Marineda Kids area dedicated to the little ones are a great alternative for family leisure. 

Guía de ocio

Vive las Fiestas de María Pita

Llega agosto a A Coruña y con él cuatro semanas de conciertos, ferias y actividades culturales que alcanzan todos los rincones de la urbe herculina. Durante este mes, los coruñeses se echan a la calle entre música, libros y festivales.

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